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The Lord Reigns: Songs & Hymns To Live By


Christian recording artist Marian Mihas creates her own niche of praise and worship music by singing while playing the concert grand harp.


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Costumes, Turkeys and Reindeer

It’s that time of year where the next three holidays are displayed all at the same in stores.  Within minutes, I’ve walked by pretty pink costumes, salt and pepper turkey shakers, and then a glowing reindeer decoration.  It’s like stores have turned into a three-ring circus.  Nobody can seem to wait to celebrate each holiday in it’s due course and so all three must crowd the stage.  What was a normal way of segueing from Halloween to Thanksgiving followed by Christmas has now morphed into this confused season where all three holidays no longer seem to have much distinction.  It’s sort of like there is no longer any timeline.  You basically get to pick and choose from the smorgasbord of upcoming holiday themes and decorations.  And if you want all three…why not?  As they say…the more the merrier! In times like these, there is an eternal source of truth that is solid and unwavering.  It provides direction and meaning and purpose in a world that seems to have lost it’s footing.  It gives answers to people’s questions, uncovers lies, and exposes half-baked truths.  The only constant rock that is stable and secure in every storm of life is the unchanging Bible, the Holy Word of God sent to all mankind.  It continually points us to a way of living that is in stark contrast to a culture that’s lost it’s way. In his first epistle to Timothy, Paul encourages us to lay aside jealousy, disagreements, assumptions, arguments, and greed and take on a new lifestyle: godliness.  But not just godliness. While that may appear to be enough…we need to add one more thing. Make sure that you don’t... read more

Just a Little Blog and Devotional

I was so blessed to get to attend the Breathe Writer’s Conference once again this year! The speakers and classes were amazing! One speaker called it a feast and that’s exactly how it felt!  I was stuffed full of great thoughts and encouragement! I think it’s going to take me a few days to digest it all! I’d like to share the highlights over the next few days, but the one that stands out is that we need to approach our writing with the view point of a missionary.  We don’t have to worry about who will accept it–or not.  We are simply called to be faithful in our writing and let the Lord take care of the results!  ... read more

Don’t Forget The Most Important Thing

I will not forget your Word.–Psalm 119:16 I forgot my cell phone today. At times during my day, it was inconvenient to have to use a landline when it would have been so much faster and quicker to just make a call with my cell phone. While forgetting my cell phone was a minor nuisance, forgetting God’s word is another matter.  Without it, I lose my sense of  direction and don’t know which way to go.  With it, I have a clear purpose for living. I need to be intentional about making God’s word the main priority of my life.  It’s not really the top priority or one of the top ten on a list of important things to do daily to be successful. Rather, it’s the main one of all. That means everything else in my life is filtered through it.  It permeates and saturates all the other priorities so that God’s word infuses every part of my life.  It’s kind of like baking a cake. That aroma of an almost-finished cake seeps through the house and fills every room so that it beckons me to find my way to the kitchen and have a slice as soon as it comes out of the oven.  That’s how God’s word should overwhelm us with it’s goodness and sweetness. It should have an undeniable impact on literally every aspect of our lives. It’s daily as well as moment-by-moment living that follows the Lord’s ways. It’s constantly abiding within the plan of God. And it organically becomes an overriding influence on my Christian walk so that it all naturally aligns with God’s word. A follower of Jesus that... read more

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