Marian Mihas

Photo by Mark Stahl

Singer and harpist Marian Mihas is on a mission: to share God’s love in any way possible. Whether it is television, radio, studio work, solo albums or performances in every imaginable setting, Marian uses music to point people to the cross and tell them that the gospel can transform their lives. For years, she has been a working professional performer throughout the US and Europe. In addition to her experience as a Christian recording artist, Marian is a professional educator at a public school and conveys her enthusiasm through classroom teaching and directing. As a speaker and worship leader, Marian infuses her message with hope and encourages women to grow in Christ by being rooted in the Bible. When you experience Marian’s performance, you experience the unique and beautiful artistry produced by God-given talent and years of performing. Her ministry to thousands of people in all kinds of settings has prepared her to come as your guest. Marian holds a BM from Youngstown State University and a MA from Pensacola Christian College. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and traveling.

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