How We Remember The Fish

How we remember the fish that we used to eat in Egypt for free!--Numbers 11: 5
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How we remember the fish that we used to eat in Egypt for free!–Numbers 11: 5

How we remember the fish that we used to eat in Egypt for free! And the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic!–Numbers 11:5

The Israelites could only remember the amazing fish in Egypt.  Their selective memory glamorized the few good times without speaking the whole truth about the horrible treatment they received from their oppressors. Instead of being grateful for the manna from God, they continually grumbled about this heavenly food that the Lord delivered practically right at their doorsteps. Talk about a fresh, healthy, and definitely, organic diet!

How easily I can adopt their same attitude of discontentment and criticism.  Whenever I feel the need to complain, I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict me on the spot and remind of the Lord’s unending loving-kindness, which is the Hebrew, “chesed”. God has always been faithful to me and He only deserves my highest praise! Ingratitude and complaining have no place in the life of a child of God.

Prayer for today:

Dear Heavenly Father:  You are full of compassion and mercy in all You do.  Everything Your hand provides is a blessing.  It’s undeserved.  Forgive me if I should ever look back and imagine a life far from You that might bring satisfaction and happiness. True joy is found only in pursuing a daily walk that fears the Lord.  May my every word, thought, action, and decision glorify Your holy name. In Jesus’ name I ask all this, Amen

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